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NEEDED: FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR, Graphic Designer, Marketing Director, Fosters, Non-Fostering Team Members, Transporters, Handlers, and Web Page Editor!


Thank you for taking time to fill out an application. In order to evaluate where your strengths are and what you would like to do for our rescue, please respond to the following questions. *Required Fields CONTACT INFORMATION:

Volunteer Name: *
Volunteer Name 2: *
Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip: *
Email: *
Daytime Phone: *
Evening Phone: *
Cell Phone: *
Best time to call: *
IMPORTANT: Thank you for taking time to fill out an application. In order to evaluate where your strengths are and what you would like to do for our rescue, please respond to the following questions.
Are you willing to allow us to send for a background check on you or those living in your home over the age of 18? * Yes No

Home visits are necessary both prior to placing a dog in a new home and after the placement to ensure that all is well and that the dog and the family are adjusting well. Would you be willing to do a home visit? * Yes No
FOSTER CARE: This is possibly the most important aspect of volunteering and not to be done without a great deal of thought. You must be able to separate the rescue dog from your own animals for the safety of all involved.
Check ALL that interest you or apply: * Short Term: Emergency only Short Term: Overnight Short Term: No longer that 3 days Long Term: Until adoptive home is approved

Do you have a fenced yard? * Yes No

Do you have means to keep dogs separated? * Yes No Not Applicable

Do you maintain Homeowner's Insurance? * (Note: You are required to maintain homeowner's insurance to foster dogs. Legally you will be considered the "owner" of the dog while it is in your care.)* Yes No

Do you rent or own? * If you rent, before a Rescue can be placed with you, you must supply a letter of permission from your Landlord, stating that the landlord is aware of your desire to foster dog(s) and to state what your limit of animals is in the building. Rent Own

If at home address for less than 1 year complete the following:
Prev. Street Address:
Prev. City:
Prev. State:
Prev. Zip:

List all names AND ages of people living with the dog or visiting on a regular basis: *

LIST OTHER PETS YOU CURRENTLY OWN : (please include breed, age, sex, and whether they are spayed/neutered): *

Are your animals Spayed or Neutered?* Yes No Not Applicable

If No, why not?:

Do you have a fully enclosed fenced yard? * Yes No
If YES, how high is the fence?
If not do you have a dog run? * Yes No

Where will you keep the Rescue during the day while you are home? *
Where will you keep the Rescue while you are away during the day? *
Where will the rescue sleep at night? *
How will the rescue be cared for during overnight absences or while on vacation?*
What do you consider the appropriate discipline if the rescue destroys something or goes to the bathroom on your rug in the house while you are away? *
How much time will you be able to spend with the rescue? *
Who will be the primary caretaker of this dog? *
Are all family members gone during the day? * Yes No
If yes, for how long?

Have you ever owned a dog? * Yes No
When? *
What happened to the dog? *
Have you ever surrendered a dog/cat to animal control, local humane society or rescue group? * Yes No
If Yes, Please explain the circumstances:
How many dogs can you legally have where you live? *
TRANSPORTATION: Frequently dogs are moved from area to area in order to place them into a foster/adoptive home. To insure everyone's safety, we prefer to transport all animals crated inside the vehicle.
Do you have access to a vehicle large enough to hold a crate? * Yes No

Do you have a crate for transporting?* Yes No

How far are you able to transport from your home?*
When are you available? *
VETERINARIAN INFORMATION: (Note: This information must be complete to be considered to foster if you have had or have now any dogs.)
Dr. Name: *
Address: *
Office Phone: *
PERSONAL REFERENCES: (please provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers for two people who are familiar with the care of your animals. NO relatives please.)*
Name: *
Address: *
Phone: *
Name: *
Address: *
Phone: *

Thank you for your cooperation. This comprehensive questionnaire helps us in placing the right dog with the right family. An improper placement, or one in which all the details are NOT known, can end tragically – usually for the dog. Thanks again and we look forward to meeting you in the near future.
Please list any other information that you feel is important in considering your application:
I/We certify the information contained in this application is true and correct.
Your Name (Digital Signature): *
Date: *
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PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse or deny any application. All new Foster Team Members must attend an orientation and read the Foster Care Manual. You must also attend 2 Adoption Events per month.

Keep this Volunteer Application ID with you when you visit Foster2Home: